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Mommy And Me Time Fitness offers numerous opportunities to bring fun and fitness to Moms and their kids

Fitness Classes For Moms And Kids

2015 Promises To Be About Honoring You – Redefining * Regenerating * Rediscovering * Relaxing – but even more than that, it is exercising together where we offer fitness classes for Moms and Kids too.

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 Get an exercise buddy – your child first will make a wonderful exercise buddy by joining you at fitness classes for moms and kids.nt goes a long way

Join in this interactive fitness program for moms and their children.

Offering a great deal of fun fun fun and of course fitness together with your child!

Here’s what we offer at Mommy And Me Time Fitness:

Mommy Fit – Interval Workout that incorporates Cardio and Muscle Strengthening Exercises designed for any fitness level.  alt="Mommy And Me"

Mommy And Me Time Boot Camp – Hard Core Exercise to challenge those that have worked out for a while but with the mindset of supporting each other with your individual fitness goals and helping you achieve them.

alt="Mommy And Me"Mommy And Me Play Time are classes which is all about our kids doing things they love to do while you participate with them making for a fun play date and playful time.


Small Group Training Class designed just for you and a few of your closest friends to workout together and support each other and get the benefits of a private workout at an affordable rate.

Zumba is a high energy fun effective dance workout – kids love this class. alt="Mommy And Me"




Mommy and Me Time Team Events – Fun Races, Walks, and other local activities you have the option to participate in with us as a team!  We’ll even assist and support you in your training leading up to race day!

alt="Mommy And Me Time Fitness"Outdoor Boot Camp Class  – Spring Time Only






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Mommy And Me Time Pilates is a class designed for strengthening your core, improving flexibility and posture, and reducing neck and back pain while increasing abdominal strength.




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Check out Mommy And Me Custom Birthday Parties!!! including obstacle course, parachute play, inflatable pool ball play, organized games and activities, dance, Zumba, and any combination of the above!



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