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There is a class for ALL fitness levels  . . .

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We offer: Fitness Classes Where You Can Bring Your Kids  . . . Prenatal/ Post Natal Exercise, Bootcamps, 5-K Training, Pilates, Fitness Training Core Classes, and Fitness Classes Too

Mommy And Me Time Fitness brings you numerous opportunities to get fit and have fun together with your children because all of our classes are designed for both Moms and their kids.

Redefine * Regenerate * Rediscover * Relax * Renew

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Join in this interactive fitness program for moms and their kids.

Offering a great deal of fun fun fun and of course fitness together with your child!

Here’s what we offer at Mommy And Me Time Fitness:

Mommy and Me Stroller BootcampStroller bootcamp is a class for moms of all fitness levels! This 45 minute class focuses on interval training with the use of bands, body weight, and your child’s stroller! Following a brief warm up, we’ll use the strollers to perform lunges, squats, and arm and leg strengthening exercises, with brief jogging and sprinting segments in between. The outdoors allows us to run relays with the strollers and other mothers, enjoy the fresh air, and give the children constant stimulation with the passing scenery. The end of class will include core strengthening and a cool down, which is when the children can come out of the strollers and help you stretch! Join us for a class that’s full of variety in the beautiful fall weather! 45 minute class

Mommy and Me Bootcamp – Circuit training class, including the perfect combination of cardio, muscle, and core exercises designed to give you a full body workout.  Children welcome and encouraged to participate!  45 minute class

Mommy Fit – Interval Workout that incorporates Hi Impact Cardio, Muscle Strengthening, and Core Exercises designed for any fitness level. Child participation is encouraged!  45 minute class

alt="Mommy And Me Time Fitness"Mommy Cross – Hard Core Exercise class designed to challenge those interested in an intense, full-body workout with little recovery time in between exercise intervals. Classes offer a supportive environment. Children welcome to come along and join in on the fun!  30 minute class

Mommy and Me Bikini Legs – a class designed for developing a tight, tone core and back, as well as tone, trimmed legs!  In our Bikini Legs classes, we incorporate Pilates as well as ballet moves which will strengthen your core, strengthen and tone your back, improve flexibility and posture, reduce and prevent neck and back pain while increasing abdominal strength, you will also enjoy some bonding, quality time with your little ones!  45 minute class

Mommy and Me Core & More – an intense 20 minute workout that is guaranteed to get your abs, back, glutes, and upper leg muscles in great shape!  You will build and strengthen lean muscle throughout your entire core region, while enjoying some fun, healthy bonding time with your little ones!  20 minute class

Mommy and Me and Mommy To Be – a new low impact prenatal exercise class incorporating exercises from our Mommy Fit, Mommy Cross, Mommy and Me Bikini Legs, and Mommy and Me Core & More classes.  This is the perfect prenatal fitness class for Moms to Be!  It is also a perfect postnatal workout for new Moms, and Moms of multiple children.  During this class we focus on building and strengthening lean muscle and strengthening and rebuilding the entire core group of muscles.  We utilize many fun props to keep the little ones having fun while Mommy is getting in great shape!  45 minute class

Mimi and Me Bootcamp – a low impact workout perfect for ladies of all ages and fitness levels.  The class is designed specifically for ladies new to exercise or anyone looking for a low impact class.  We even have Grandmas join us for this class, so we appropriately named it honoring them!  During this class we focus on improving strength, balance, and flexibility though low impact cardio, muscle strengthening exercises, core exercises, and stretching.

Pilates In The Park – Pilates is an amazing workout that offers the body improved strength and flexibility.  During this class we focus on core-stability, postural alignment and overall tone. Strengthening your core is the key to fitness and to helping us as moms. It’s a great stress reliever too!

Zumba – a high energy, fun, effective dance workout guaranteed to keep you laughing while burning hundreds of calories – kids love the fun energy of this class.  45 minute class

Tabata Bootcamp – a 45 min full body workout.  Using the 20 sec intense work, 10 sec rest training model, this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class is a fun yet challenging one perfect for Moms looking to jumpstart a weight loss goal, or maintain an already ideal weight.  The workout model is designed to boost calorie burn even after class!

Small Group Training Class – designed just for you and a few of your closest friends to workout together and support each other and get the benefits of a private workout at an affordable rate.

alt="Mommy And Me Time Fitness+Mommy and Me Time Team Events – 5K Training, Fun Races, Walks, and other local activities you have the option to participate in with us as a team!  We’ll even assist and support you in your training leading up to race day. Next event scheduled for May 18th – Women’s Health 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run – in Homewood!





 Abovealt="Mommy And Me Time Boot Camp" classes featued at certain times of the year. 

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Mommy And Me Custom Birthday Parties!!! including obstacle course, parachute play, inflatable pool ball play, organized games and activities, dance, Zumba, and any combination of the above!

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