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Mommy And Me Time Services

We offer the following services:

Mommy And Me Time Fitness Classes – interactive workout where you can bring your child.

Each Class features a different and unique interactive workout for you and your child.  You’ll get a great workout while enjoying fun time with your little one! 

No childcare concerns, no additional time away from your children outside of work and school.  Our classes offer the perfect way for families to get and stay healthy together, and for Moms to show their little ones from a young age how important and how fun fitness can be!

Below the most popular classes, cost, and Buy Now Buttons. 

Mommy and Me Time Fitness Classes are on-going  and continuous.

Make your purchase here before attending your first class!

Class Payment Options:

1) Mommy and Me Time Fitness One (1) Group Class

Drop In Rate


2) Mommy and Me Time 1 Class Per week For 6 weeks     

            $ 55.00

3) Mommy and Me Time 2 Classes Per Week For 6 Weeks


4)  Mommy and Me Time Fitness Unlimited Access For 30 Days

* * * Includes 12 Group Classes – Good for the throughout the month of purchase * * *

               $ 99.00

5)  Private Pilates Session

           $ 60.00

5)  Private Fitness Session

          $ 75.00  

Click Here For Mommy And Me Time Fitness Class Schedules

 Join us now at Mommy and Me Fitness Classes! We Look Forward to Seeing You At Mommy and Me Time Fitness!

Please see our online store for everything we offer.

We also offer Bithday Parties!!!

Mommy And Me Time Birthday Parties:

Our birthday parties are activity based and made so you have zero stress and zero cleanup.

Call for pricing and to discuss your child’s birthday wishes.

Ask about our additional programs:  

Mommy And Me Time Fitness Is Fun Programs

Fitness Programs For Day Cares

Training Workshop for Day Care Staff and Teachers – This workshop is designed to train staff on developmentally appropriate games and activities for the specific age group of children they teach. Children participate along in the workshop, enjoying fun games and music while teachers observe, interact, and learn new dynamic methods for keeping children entertained and active, while learning important skills.  Workshop serves as training hours and CEU credits for staff.

Fitness Programs For Home School Children

We will happy to help you have a fitness program you can do with your child. Just ask us for more information. Summer programs available at Mommy And Me Time Fitness too.

Visit Our Online Store 

Be Sure To Visit Our Mommy And Me Time Online Store:

Below is a small sample of what we have in our online store:

                                                                                                                                                                         Mommy And Me Time T Shirts  

Come to class wearing your own Mommy And Me Time Fitness Matching Tshrt with Your Child



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Mommy And Me Time Fitness Window Decal 

 Mommy & Me Time Fitness Hat

alt=""               There are many more items at the Mommy And Me Time Online Store!!!