Mommy And Me Time Instructor Shea

Certified Fitness Instructor Shea Grammer

Stroller Bootcamp Instructor

alt="Mommy And Me Time Certified Fitness Instructor Shea"My name is Shea Grammer. I have an 18 month old baby girl that keeps me on my toes. I was a former elementary school teacher before becoming a stay at home mom. The Lord gave me a passion and desire to teach children at an early age.

It wasn’t until I was in college, playing soccer, that I developed a love for nutrition and exercise. My passion for nutrition and exercise has only grown stronger now that I am a mom.

I can appreciate what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape after giving birth. The Lord has since given me a passion for helping moms reach their fitness goals after baby.

My goal is to complete my personal training certification so that I can further pursue a career in training those with a desire to get healthy and stay healthy.

I love working for Mommy and Me Time Fitness because it allows me the opportunity to do what I love!

Being a Mommy And Me Time Fitness Instructor has been such a blessing and I am looking forward to where the Lord will take me from here.

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