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Julie Turner is the owner of Julie Turner (Movement) and co-creator of the Principled Pilates teacher-training program. She is a movement expert with over 15 years experience and rigorous study of Ballet, Modern, Social dance, Pilates, and manual fascia release. She began her career as a professional dancer and quickly developed the passion to facilitate an improved quality of life through movement. Julie’s mission is to empower women to reach their highest potential by using movement as the vehicle for transformation. She believes that focusing on your physical body in a positive and thoughtful way helps to facilitate healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. She works privately with clients in Los Angeles and abroad through her coaching program.

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“I found mommy and me time fitness when I became a mother to my son, Lucas.  Before pregnancy, I was performing as a modern dancer in New York City.  I moved to Birmingham when I was pregnant and I was eager to get back in shape after Lucas was born, but I hated the idea of leaving him at home or in a gym during that time.  I started taking the Mommy and Me Time Fitness classes in August of 2012 and I absolutely loved bringing my son to work out with me.  He enjoys the other children and the activities at Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness Classes.


I am thrilled to be teaching some of the group classes for Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness and bringing my son to work out with me too..  I am a Certified Pilates Instructor. I have completed the Balanced Body University 488 hour comprehensive Pilates certification with Lesley Powell at Movements Afoot in New York. I have continued my education by taking courses that focused on Feldenkrais, postural analysis, prenatal, postpartum, deep core, osteoporosis, sciatica, lower crossed syndrome, and scoliosis. I have also been a supervisor for teachers in training and an instructor for specialized workshops.

 My certifications include:  Pilates, CPR, and AED “

Join Julie at a Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness Class, Mommy And Me Time Pilates Class, or Mommy And Me™ Time Mommy To Be Pilates Class and you too can be bringing your son to work out with you – bring your daughter to work out with you too! Prenatal Pilates Classes and Post Natal Fitness Classes – Julie is great at helping Mommys To Be at Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness.

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