Mommy And Me Time Certified Fitness Instructor Erin

Meet Certified Fitness Instructor Erin

Mommy Fit Class Instructor

alt="mommy and me time certified fitness instructor"Erin Hamby graduated from the University of Alabama then went on to study kinesiology at the University of Montevallo.

She received a Masters of Physical Education in 2008. From 2009 to 2011, Erin has led exercisesclasses for children ages 5-13.

In addition, Erin has trained female soccer players for 8 years. She holds a “D” coaching license through the United States Soccer Federation and is certified in CPR. 

After becoming a mom, she wanted a place to stay fit without leaving her daughter.

Erin brought her teaching experience to Mommy and Me Time Fitness where she can exercise with her daughters and encourage others. 

She leads Mommy Fit classes as a Mommy And Me Time Certified Fitness Instructor, as well as leads fun  and entertaining games and activities for Mommy and Me Time Birthday Parties.

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