Mommy And Me Time Fitness Instructors

Certified Fitness Instructors at Mommy And Me™ Time – find interactive ways for moms to stay fit and exercise with their kids

Because we are moms just like you looking for ways to stay fit with our kids and have more energy too!

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We look forward to joining you and your children and helping you introduce the numerous benefits of exercise you can do together  – side by side. The classes  are structured so that you workout together. Select your very own fitness level from our interactive mom and child classes as we provide modifications for you as a beginner, advanced , on up. Each and every class is unique and new while focused on giving you an exercise program that is designed specifically for you and your child by Certified Fitness Instructors at Mommy And Me™ Time: Shea GrammerTamika Harris,  Erin Hamby, Katie Cornutt, Julie Turner, and Stacey Jernigan!

Mommy and Me™ Time Fitness knows how busy you are trying to fit everything you have to do in just one day.  Why not take some time out just for you and your little one to enjoy working out together. You will get a complete circuit class for all fitness levels including warm-up/strength training, mat work, running, stretching, and cool down! You will find your little ones enjoying and excelling at various exercises you never thought possible. The best part is that as certified fitness instructors, we are also moms just like you . We can do this together. Ask Stacey what Maddox loves best  . . . (Hint: it’s not walking).   Find out from our certified fitness instructors what their kids love the best at Mommy And Me Time Fitness Classes . . . you will be amazed at the answers.

We are Moms just like you that want to stay fit, enjoy our children, keep our energy level high so that we can enjoy our kids and manage all that we do in just a single day. We are devoted to helping you stay fit with our interactive workouts for you and your kids. What a great class for children who want to have fun and workout with mom. You get 45 minutes of our unique workouts developed with mommys and kids in mind complete with with warm up, stretch, alternating intervals of hi/low impact cardio and strength training, cool down, stretch and abs. Select from the fitness level you want to start with and bring your child along with you.

And our instructors are each certified fitness instructors.  

Certified Fitness Instructor Stacey Jernigan

stacey website 027I know and understand what Motherhood means to Moms, as we each strive to be the best “Mom” possible.

I am here to help you in your journey and to allow time to continue the bond with your child while providing an opportunity for you and your child to workout together.

I look forward to helping you find time to workout by bringing your kids. along with you throughout your fitness journey.

I started Mommy And Me™ Time for all of us moms so that we could workout with our kids and stay fit together while supporting and encouraging each other. 

It is thrilling for me to share this journey with you and I absolutely love meeting you and your little ones. We can achieve this together. Please feel free to share your fitness goals with me. 

Certifications:  Pilates, National Group Exercise, Youth Fitness, Fitour Core, Bootcamp, CPR, AED, First Aid


Certified Fitness Instructor Shea Grammer

alt-"Mommy And Me Time Certified Fitness Instructor"

In college, playing soccer,I developed a love for nutrition and exercise. My passion for nutrition and exercise has only grown stronger now that I am a mom.

I can appreciate what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape after giving birth.

The Lord has since given me a passion for helping moms reach their fitness goals after baby.

I love working for Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness because it allows me the opportunity to do what I love!



Certified Fitness Instructor Erin Hamby

alt="mommy and me time fitness instructor"She received a Masters of Physical Education and has led exercise classes for children ages 5-13.

In addition, Erin has trained female soccer players for 8 years. She holds a “D” coaching license through the United States Soccer Federation and is certified in CPR. 

After becoming a mom, she wanted a place to stay fit without leaving her daughter. 

Erin brought her teaching experience to Mommy and Me™ Time Fitness as a Mommy And Me™ Time Certified Fitness Instructor where she can exercise with her daughters and encourage others. 

Erin teaches Mommy Fit Classes.


Certified Fitness Instructor Tamika Harris

alt="mommy and me time certified fitness instructor+Come Zumba with me.  I will get you moving and having fun. I lost 105lbs…Yes!!! 105lbs. I lost all my weight the old fashioned way with lots of exercise and healthy diet (it took me 10 mos to 1 year).

Come let me help you with your Fitness goals!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to introduce people of all ages and abilities to a great fitness program.  

I am a member of the Aerobic & Fitness Association of America(AFAA) and Group Fitness instructor. I am licenced to teach Zumba Basic, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Jr. I am also a member of the Zumba Instructor Network(ZIN) and I am CPR/AED certified.

I teach the Zumba Classes at Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness.


Certified Fitness Instructor Katie Cornutt

alt="Mommy And Me Time"I started out taking Mommy And Me™ Time Bootcamp Classes and just loved them! I found that I also have a passion for teaching the bootcamp classes too as a Mommy And Me Time Certified Fitness Instructor.

I just took the next step and finally got the courage to ask Stacey about being one of her Mommy And Me™ Time Bootcamp Instructors. She was really receptive and told me I needed to become certifiesd and trained which I did.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching Mommy And Me™ Bootcamp Classes each and every week. I hope you’ll join in one of my classes. I would love to have you there.

I am a Wisconsin native that moved to Alabama as a teenager. I quickly learned that Alabama is the best place on earth to call home. I am a licensed realtor with Brik realty.

I am  married to Josh and have two beautiful children, Lennon and Caroline, and two precious dogs, Frances and Hulk.

My family enjoys exploring all the amazing things that Birmingham has to offer from the trails at Red Mountain Park to Airwalk and everything in between.

Hope to see you at Mommy And Me Time Bootcamp and around Birmingham.

Certified Pilates Instructor Julie Turner

Julie Turner was performing as a modern dancer in New York City.  She moved to Birmingham while pregnant with Lucas and was eager to get back in shape after Lucas was born, but hated the idea of leaving him at home or in a gym during that time.  She started taking the Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness Classes in August of 2012. Julie absolutely loved bringing her son to work out with her.  Lucas enjoys the other children and the activities at Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness Classes. 

Julie is currently working exclusively with actress Kerry Washington in L.A.

She is thrilled to be teaching some of the group classes for Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness and bringing Lucas too.  She is a Certified Pilates Instructor. She has also completed the Balanced Body University 488 hour comprehensive Pilates certification with Lesley Powell at Movements Afoot in New York. She is constantly learning through continued education courses that focus on Feldenkrais, postural analysis, prenatal, postpartum, deep core, osteoporosis, sciatica, lower crossed syndrome, and scoliosis. She has also been a supervisor for teachers in training and an instructor for specialized workshops.

 Her certifications include:  Pilates, CPR, and AED


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