Mommy And Me Time Certiied Fitness Instructor Stacey

Meet Certified Fitness Instructor Stacey

Workouts for finding a way for moms and kids to exercise and stay fit together . . .

Stacey Jerningan is also the founder and owner of Mommy And Me Time Fitness – which finds creative ways for moms to workout with their children.

Her mission is to help all mothers find a way to stay fit and have time to workout by bringing their children along to join in the Mommy And Me Time Fitness Classes.

alt="Stacey Jernigan Founder of Mommy And Me Time and Certified Fitness Instructor"

I am Stacey Jernigan, a full-time Mom of a wonderful little boy. Staying active with him and raising him to understand the importance of health and fitness is a priority to me.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting and interacting with other Moms and getting to know all the little ones as we workout together.  I have found a way to create interactive, fitness workout programs that moms can do along side their children. My favorite part of this experience is watching the little ones mimic our exercises and hearing the Moms tell me how excited their children are to come to “exercise class.” Each class is a different, exciting experience for me, and I look forward to each workout!

I know and understand what Motherhood means to Moms, as we each strive to be the best “Mom” possible. I am here to help you in your journey and to allow time to continue the bond with your child while providing an opportunity for you and your child to workout together. The benefit is that we keep healthy with our kids while being great role models and advocates for staying active and improving our stamina. I look forward to helping you find time to workout by bringing your kids. along with you throughout your fitness journey. Whether you are a working mom like me, work from home mom, or stay at home mom, bring your kids and I will get you started at Mommy And Me Time. I started Mommy And Me Time for all of us moms so that we could workout with our kids and stay fit together while supporting and encouraging each other. We do all kinds of fun things together outside of Mommy And Me Time – so come to class and meet other moms just like you and find ways to stay fit, healthy, and in balance!

It is thrilling for me to share this journey with you and I absolutely love meeting you and your little ones. We can achieve this together. Please feel free to share your fitness goals with me. We will partner together, and I will always be here to give you support, encouragement, and a sense of accomplishment.

I am here to be your helping hand. Each workout fitness class is designed with moms and kids in mind. I also love when dads and grandmas join in too.

Certifications:  National Group Exercise, Youth Fitness, Fitour Core, Bootcamp, CPR, AED, First Aid

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Stacey also added Mommy And Me Play Times to help you bring your children to a fun, interactive Play date and will even take care of all you need for a fun, active birthday party so all you have to do is show up with your child and leave with zero cleanup too!

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