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Moms Stay Fit With Their Kids At Mommy And Me Time

Creating a fitness program that moms and kids can do while staying active and  fit together as a family.

Mommy and Me™ Time was born froalt="mommy and me"m my experience of giving birth to my son Maddox. I am a first time Mom and wanted to share in my journey as a mom and get to know your journey as well.  I definitely understand juggling family, work, and a home. With that said, I created a Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness Program for all of us moms with the goal of staying active and fit together as a family.

I have always been a strong advocate for working out through staying active and fit. I have run many marathons and worked out regularly. As you know nothing prepares you for what happens to your body during and after the birth of your baby.

I know that we can team up and bring a great way for you to enjoy working out with your child while staying active and fit together too. That is why I wanted to offer classes for both you and your child where you CAN workout together and moms stay fit with their kids at Mommy And Me Time.

I have my Masters in Human Development and Family Studies from The University of Alabama, and am currently working full-time, as well as enjoying full-time Motherhood. I know how hard we strive to do our best as moms and have learned that my stamina is better and I am more in balance when staying active and fit together with my son.

Completing my instructor certification and receiving my credentials is an important part of Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness and Mommy And Me Time Boot Camps.  My mission is to bring all mommys and their children a fun, interactive way of staying active and fit together.

I look forward to meeting you and your children at a Mommy And Me™ Time Fitness Class where we can discuss your fitness goals or just get you started out in the right direction. Children love our classes and it is one activity that won’t take you away from them! Moms stay fit with their kids at Mommy and Me Time. 

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  1. Where are you located?

  2. Birmingham.

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