5K Training Program

Mommy And Me Time 5K Training Program

Let’s Train Together For Your 5K

Join Our Mommy And Me Time 5K Training

 Starting out very beginner level, and everyone can go at their own pace, so anyone can join!!

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Group runs are scheduled in Hoover and Homewood.   Call now to sign up!

The Mommy and Me Time 5K Training Program will partner with to train for your next 5K. If you are traing for your first 5K or you are a seasoned runner, we can train together.

Several of our Moms have participated in numerous 5k’s including Stacey. She has run in 5K’s in different states and Mudders as well. She will be happy to get a 5K running group started. Just let her know you are interested.

Supporting you in your next 5K. Join us at Mommy And Me Time 5K Training      . . .


2 thoughts on “5K Training Program

  1. I’m new to the bham area and just had my first baby last month! Looking to get back In to running to get in shape and meet people!! Would love to join a weekly running group that is stroller friendly

  2. Hi Claire,

    I will try to put a new running group together. In the meantime, please join us at one of the Stroller Bootcamp Class where you will meet other moms and get a workout in too.

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